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We are happy to present the new version of Binary Option Slayer! We’ve equipped the Indicator with new adoptive algorithms so that you will get even more precise signals. BinaryOptionSlayer6.0 is the only indicator that can be traded 24/7 without martingale and news filter ./p>



Adaptive Algorithm

Our algorithm is adaptive, not linear like others!

Lots of signals

You will never get bored waiting for the signals!


The Indicator can be used by traders of all levels!

Positive Feedback

Our Indicator has already received lots of positive reviews!

21 reviews for BinaryOptionSlayer6.0

  1. zelellou youghourta

    The best indicater ever seen in market.
    I wish you success more In this area.

  2. daniel denni

    best indicator!! the creator updated the indicator performance almost every week!! make the indicator better and better

  3. Santie Swanepoel

    This indicator’s ability to adapt to the market conditions makes it AWESOME!!! I use it in all sessions (even Asia).

  4. Kayan VTN

    more than indi 😜

  5. Govindan Bhattathiri

    This indicator is very nice for auto trading and it can be used as a primary indicator for combined strategy to make consistent profits. And also get a good support & BO trading ideas from the VIP Group under BinaryOptionSlayer.

  6. Tanmoy Som

    This indicator is very good for auto trading with an adaptive method to work in all market conditions and can give superior performance as a primary indicator for combining with other compatible indicators. Support is also top-notch.

  7. Sb Singh

    This indicator is the real deal! And the support you get is second to none. A credit to its owner. 97$ a absolute bargain compared to all those other indicators, systems, setups promising the holy grail the binary option slayer is as close as you will get to that !

  8. Emmanuel Orevba

    There are tones of indicators out there but none comes close to what this indicator does. Yes I was also skeptical about it when I first heard about it but I decided to go for it and see for myself if the testimonies were true. They are all true. When it comes to reversal trading BinaryOptionSlayer is as good as it gets.

    Warning: THIS IS NOT THE HOLY GRAIL, there is no such thing, I learnt that the hard way. Every indicator is just a tool. And this is the best tool I’ve seen so far.

  9. Abhirup Kar

    This is best indicator for BinaryOption. Furthermore you will get entry in VIP group after your purchase and you will able to ineract with experienced traders and lot of free indicators to trade with.One thing I can say for sure that you will never regret after your purchase of BinaryOptionSlayer.

  10. Nicola Meeuws

    This Indicator is not any better than all the free ones available on this forum so save your money, in fact vodka and kgb have higher winrates on automated trading than this one, the reviews are most likely fake

  11. Lucas Studart

    Is tha best group and the best indicator that I ever use. I really commend that 100%

  12. gojool

    Be ware of replica indicators available in the black market. To get the best out of BOS indicators one must be in a VIP Group on Telegram. BinaryOptionSlayer is the only indicator with an Adaptive Algorithm. Just like a sharp sword if you don’t learn how to use it properly you might end up cutting yourself. In the VIP GROUP we learn variety of strategies to trade with it and I personally think its the best trading community ever.

  13. Lilly Michael

    No worth for live trading , but yes affiliates are making it worth living by giving 5 stars .

  14. edirgantara

    This indicator is like the KGB indicator that you can get for free.

  15. Vesy

    Very Bad Indicator, FREE indicators are still better than this kraps!!

  16. David J

    The worst indicator ever 👎

    It has low win rate ❌


    By one word its really like “BOSS” (though its name is BOS). I am using this for auto trading. I took the service last year and found them to be honest and fast support. I would recommend to anyone.

  18. Yannick OUINSOU

    Le Meilleur indicateur que j’ai pu utiliser jusque là. Signaux vraiment filtrés et rentabilité accrue avec le compound . Recommandé !

  19. Rev Asnan


  20. mylovemouse9711


  21. Luis

    bad indicator


Camilo Tello

How should I use this indicator, which time frames must I use? Those things about intrabar or new bar?