“My experience with the bot has been great, iI do not have to be stuck with the computer, it does the work for me, as long as I have an excellent indicator, without a doubt the bot will improve the trading a lot. First I started doing tests in the demo account, giving me 30 dollars a day earnings, and not to keep increasing the account … if you have good capital with good risk management, you will get the results you’ve always wanted ”

Yulder Manosalva

“After much practice I started Monday on my Real account with 300 dlls and in 5 days my balance is 735 dlls … The truth is this platform is super useful. I highly recommend it. Stop thinking and buy it. .. you have to invest in knowledge and tools to win. Nothing is free or easy in life!”

Enrique Gómez

“Hello my name is Juan Cuero from Ecuador and I have been testing the MT2 software and I have been impressed with the way of operating, easy to install, it has no complications, it is the best one that I have tried so far, congratulations for developing such a valuable tool. Greetings to the whole team.”

Juan Cuero

“I started a month ago in practice and a week ago I began to use the real account with only 15 US, currently I have 168 US ending always positive without being all the time looking at graphics, using it nothing more than 3 HS daily. Super recommendable, grateful with the MT2 team that resolved all doubts to me instantly. Do not hesitate to buy it, it is a tool that changes the way you trade binary options!”

Tomás Fabián Vega

“Best regards from Costa Rica, I have been operating the BOT since long ago, the results are quite good taking into account the market, sometimes when the indicators send signals that end in OTM the recovery is very fast making slight adjustments in the configuration to increase his aggressiveness I have left it at night and has won $ 288 by operating a single pair. It is a very friendly BOT, easy to install and configure, it respects the parameters defined by the user, pauses in news, maximum of Trades per Pair, martingale levels, in short it is a recommended application for its use.”

Leonel Ballestero Cruz

“I have been very surprised with the wonderful tools and great results that have been obtained through MT2, which I recommend in a personal way. If you are interested in turning your life around, do not wait any longer and start now.”

Galo Pérez

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Angel Iriarte

“I’m using two indicators with my robot, and the result is second to none, he doubled my account in less than a month. The MT2IQ team is excellent, they have good support, keep it up, I am very happy with the service. Thank you.

Oscar Erazo

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Silvia Vanessa García

“Hello, good day I’m Jose Garcia from Peru to the people who are reading this, I want to tell you about my experience with the bot I have been using it since January 1 in real money and the results I have achieved are great and the best thing is that everything is in automatic the bot does the work for me, on good days I have managed to generate up to 80 dollars of profits and on days that the market gets a little bad the same I go out in profits of up to 30 dollars and although I started with a low capital I hope to increase the capital to continue generating many more profits so far there is not a single day that out in negative sincere thanks to the support people who are always there to support us in any inconvenience that may arise greetings to all.”

Jose Santos García

“For those who get tired of being in front of the graphics all day and do not get profitable I want to share the following. Since I started in the world of trading I had never encountered such a robot that when ordering how to enter into operation, it will do it. On the other hand you can have all the indicators you want working. You can filter: schedule, minimum profitability, profit cap , stop loss in the end everything that can be imagined .. Adjoint results of a couple of hours .. (the robot is easy to configure for a beginner but will have professional results)“

Lindolfo Martinez

“Very happy with this new tool, since it is very easy to handle and understand is very different from the other robots that are difficult to configure, MT2 gives us the opportunity to be independent when it comes to starting in the new world of bots and to improve every day to be more profitable. Thank you MT2 team”

Jhonatan Arce

“I’m calm resting while the bot works! MT2 is just amazing. Backtesting in a demo account before moving to a real account with my own template that I am preparing”

Andres Tellez

“My name is William, I would like to let you know my testimony about the bot, I have been using it in demo mode for 3 days and today, January 18, 2018, my indicator reached a profit of 76% with operations of only $ 1 dollar to 3 MG. I am very happy to know that I will be having very soon a way to generate daily income.“

William Perez