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Main Features

Automated trading

MT2 is the ultimate technology in Binary Options Trading. This unique platform is the only one that allows you to apply your own trading strategy and set up a robot to trade automatically for you, 24/7, while you enjoy life with the ones you love.. welcome to the future of trading!

  • Choose your favorite brokersOur platform has been beautifully integrated to work seamlessly with the most reputable Binary Options Brokers: IQ Option (MT2IQ bot), Binary.com (MT2Binary bot), Alpari Fixed Contracts (MT2 Alpari bot), Spectre.ai (MT2Spectre bot), InstaForex (MT2Insta bot), Optionfield (MT2Field bot) and CLM Forex (MT2CLM bot). You will be able to set up a trading robot on only one, some, or all of these brokers simultaneously, all within MT2 Trading Platform.
  • User-friendly interfaceMT2 was thought and designed for every level of expertise. Regardless your current trading knowledge and experience, you will be able to set up your trading robot in just a few minutes and enjoy fully automated trading.
  • 24/7 dedicated serversAll the trades opened by our platform go through powerful dedicated servers. We count with the latest technology to offer the fastest and most precise trade execution in the market. No human could possibly achieve this performance by trading manually!

Social CopyTrading

You do not have to be an expert to trade like one! Our Copytrading service feature will allow you to subscribe to public signal providers. Explore the list and chose your favorite ones! MT2 currently has hundreds of providers from which you can subscribe to! Signals executed by providers will automatically copy on their subscribers accounts, with their desired trading amounts!

  • Free or earnings share basedSignal providers have two options: share signals for free or charge their subscribers a commission on their monthly profits. This means you could pay absolutely nothing to receive automated signals, or pay ONLY if by the end of the month your provider signals resulted in more wins than losses.. no more fixed monthly fee’s to receive signals regardless the provided results!
  • Transparent historical trading dataNo more fraud and fake expectations. Our platform has been designed so that each signal provider historical trading statistics are available for everyone! Before subscribing to a provider, you’ll be able to analyse his signals win rate, account progress, and much more!
  • Active communication and supportWe have integrated a messenger feature so that signals providers and subscribers can chat and communicate without leaving our platform! Ask your providers for anything you might need, at any given time!
  • Be the signal provider yourselfDo you already run a signal service? Then this feature is also perfect for you! Just open up a signal provider account and start sharing your signals in a few minutes. Your signals can be free, or earnings commission based, payed to you automatically, by the end of each month.

MetaTrader 4/5 Connector

Our platform is provided with many tools that will allow you to create an indestructible bridge between your metatrader 4/5 platform and your favorite binary options brokers. Metatrader is the biggest and most reputable forex trading platform, which allow users to trade the markets with infinite possibilities!

  • Connect any technical indicatorThere are thousands of arrow signal indicators that traders use everyday. With mt2 connector, you will be able to connect virtually any metatrader 4/5 technical indicator to your binary options broker, and have it’s signals placed automatically on your account.
  • Connector configurationsNot only you will be able to connect any indicator, but also configure it to fit your specific needs. You’ll be able to define: signal name, entry type, trade amounts, signal buffers, expiry times, and martingale strategy.
  • Martingale strategyOur connector will give you a wide range of possibilities regarding martingale strategy. You can choose whether to apply martingale or not, which type of martingale should be applied (on next signal, on next expiry or terminal) and martingale coefficient.

Risk management

Speculative trading involves risk. Our platform offers risk management features that allow you to have absolute control of your account balance. You’ll be able to define parameters for your trading robot that will maximize your profits while minimizing and regulating your losses.

  • Daily take-profit parameterSet up a daily profit target for your account. Your robot will trade non-stop until this parameter is reached. Once this happens, trading will be automatically stopped and your earnings will be safe and locked.
  • Daily stop-loss parameterSet up a daily stop-loss target for your account. This parameter will stop your robot from trading any longer in the unfortunate case your losses reach your set amount.
  • Trade amount limitSet up a limit on the amount for each one of your trades. This parameter will stop your robot from opening trades with amounts that result too big for your account balance or trading strategy.
  • Trade volume limitSet up a limit on the traded volume for all your trades. This parameter will stop your robot from operating any further once a certain volume target is reached.

Custom configurations

Each trader has unique methods and strategies, as there are endless variables. MT2 platform was thought and designed in a way that no matter how custom and special your trading methods are, you’ll still be able to configure your robot to fit your needs perfectly.

  • Minimum payout filterBinary Options brokers constantly offer different payouts for the different currency pairs you can trade on their platform. These change according to the trading sessions and market conditions, within other factors. Our platform will allow you to configure minimum payouts, and your robot will not open a trade unless this minimum % is met.
  • Trading hours filterThe financial markets are very influenced by the different trading sessions hours. Certain strategies work better in specific trading hours and sessions. With MT2 you can configure your robot to trade only in your desired periods of time.
  • Limit of open trades per pair filterYou can set up the maximum amount of trades opened per each currency pair. Once your set limit is reached, your robot will not open any more operations for a specific currency pair, until one of the previous trades is closed, leaving space for a new one to take place.

Economic news filter

The financial markets are strongly influenced by the global economic news and events. High-impact news can severely affect the behavior of currency pairs, for what constant analysis of market conditions is crucial to trading success. MT2 will allow you to set up news filters to avoid your robot from trading on dangerous hours!

  • Fully customize your filtersYou have total freedom to set up how your economic filters work. Define specific time periods where your robot should stop operating, according to the impact level of the economic news or event!
  • Trustworthy sourceOur platform has been integrated with Investing.com where the most important economics news and events are published constantly. The upcoming events and news on the news filter are directly taken from the official calendar, on real time!

Live market graphs

Every successful trader needs to constantly analyse live market graphs in order to predict future price movements of different assets, and trade consequently. MT2 will give you the possibility to follow minute-to-minute the financial markets!

  • Enjoy beautiful graphic resources without leaving MT2Our platform has been smoothly integrated with TradingView live financial market graphs. You do not need to leave our platform to enjoy the market movements with your own eyes!
  • Customize your graphsEach trader has his or her own personal preferences when it comes to market graphs! Don’t worry! You’ll be able to choose from a wide range variety of options to make your graphs look just the way you like them!

Trading statistics

The best way to improve your trading results is by analyzing historical data and statistics in order to optimize and adjust your strategy. With our platform you’ll be able to collect and analyse all the data from your own trades and those of signal providers. Each operation that goes through MT2 is recorded and automatically updated on statistics panels!

  • Personal & global trading historyMT2 will take note of each one of the trades you make, so you can keep a clear record and analyse your data. You’ll be able to keep track of: Signal name, win rate, draw down and profits! The same applies for all public signal providers.
  • Real-time profit graphsNot only trading history and statistics will be available to you in charts, but also in profit graphs! This way you will be able to analyse your own and signal providers historical trading data in a visual way!

Signal builder

Along with MT2 platform we will provide you powerful tools to create and design your own trading strategy. You’ll be able to choose from 9 of the most famous technical indicators and combine them as you wish to fit your needs. With our signal builder you can create amazing trading signals and strategies regardless your level of expertise.

  • Historial backtestingOnce you’ve come up with your ideal trading strategy, you will be able to back-test it with historical data on real market graphics, and see for yourself if your designed strategy provides good buy/sell signals and results. You can test as much as you want without putting in risk any of your capital. Once you feel confident, you can connect MetaTrader with your Binary Options broker and start trading for real!