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CopyTrading: Trade like an expert without being one

Our Social CopyTrading allows you to choose within top-performing Binary Options expert traders and copy their trading signals on real time

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Trade like MT2’s top traders

Explore the list and chose your favorite ones from within hundreds of amazing Binary Options traders.. when they trade, you trade!

How to receive signals from expert traders?

How it works

1. Choose a trader

Search for traders by performance,
statistics, profit gain and more

2. Set an amount

Define trading amounts for
your copied operations!

3. Copy trades

Click the "subscribe" button to start
copying the selected trader

You have total control

CopyTrading gives you full control over your invested capital. You can customize risk management and trading filters to best fit your needs.

Your capital is safe. Take-profit, stop-loss and traded volume limits protect your account at all times!


No more fraud or fake expectations

Signal provider’s transparent historical statistics are available for everyone! Before you chose the ideal trader to copy, you will be able to extensively analyze his trading performances using MT2 Platform!


You will be amazed by the results

Lean back while MT2Trading places trades according to your rules

An incredible community of Binary Options traders
that help each other to achieve success.

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People love MT2 because…

  • Can actually make profits
  • Saves a lot of time & stress
  • All-in-one trading platform that offers risk management
  • Integrated with MetaTrader & top brokers in the market

We asked our clients to tell their experience

It's been amazing using MT2Trading. I have recommended to so many friends here in Nigeria... The app does what I couldn't do easily and with precision.... Thanks to the team.. Looking forward to ur new innovations.😇😇

Winifred Ade


Been a client for over 3 years, MT2 is the best robot to automate Binary Options trades

Marcos Pasin


I’ve been trading since 2017 and have experienced many copy-trading platforms as both copy master and copy trader, and none has ever made me feel as “simple and easy to use at reasonable price” as MT2TRADING.

Worawong Pattanawong


MT2 has helped to copy trade as I was losing money with account management but now I can make money in forex and shared this opportunity with all my friends, we re enjoying this opportunity. I recommend that to all of u...

Honore Iyak


Life has been calm since I started using mt2trading... there is always a new update... the team always at their game... thanks mt2trading.. God bless you guys... paving ways for others...

Mariantus Adebayo


Very good, fulfills everything it promises and the support is also very effective.

Bruno Damada


MT2Trading platform is simply the best software to automate binary signals. The flexibility of the software and the many option it has just gives me the best experience trading binary. Great tool with great features.. Keep it up guys

Theophilus Buckman


Very good app. Have been using it for a while now, and im very pleased. Use it for both social trading and for a bit of automation, and it has worked like a charm :)

Hans Fróđi Jensen

Faroe Islands

Earned some serious bucks with this app

Marek Mutwil


Amazing trading platform, most of the time I am generating profits without doing any efforts. 10/10 I strongly recommend to everyone !!

Cemani Widodo


This is the best platform to copy trading. The service is Never before ever After. The support response is awesome. I have been using MT2 for 1 year. Worth it.

Ch. Prashanth Reddy


I have been using it for a few months now and have gone from 50 to 500 USD in a month, just with the signal service. the application is great recommended +++

Fernando Garavito


Have now been with MT2 for just over 5 months. I have been very profitable, more so than with any other strategy or signal service I have used in the last 3 to 4 years. Their support team has been super fast and efficient at resolving any issues

Gerrie Olivier

South Africa

Excellent platform for copy trading, with proper money management and time management, can make a profit every day without sitting in front of your PC. Also, the best place for beginners to make a profit and invest in the market.

Shane Abeyaratne

Sri Lanka

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