Welcome to the MT2Trading Platform Documentation

Regardless your familiarity with MT2Trading, in this section we will make sure that you learn absolutely everything about our platform, from the most basic functions to the most complex ones.
You’ll find here step to step guides with lots of images and details for you to configure your the platform to fit your specific needs: from downloading it to setting up your signals and configuring your robot to trade for you on your favorite binary options brokers.

What is MT2Trading?

MT2Trading is a powerful and innovative platform that will allow you to trade Binary Options in a fully automated and safe way on your favorite brokers.

You must be wondering.. How can I trade automatically with MT2Trading? There are basically three routes.

  • Loading signals from a MetaTrader 4/5 technical indicator and letting your robot trade your broker account for you. If you do not have an indicator, we provide you one as courtesy, Binary Profit.
  • Subscribing to a signal provider from our CopyTrading service and having his trades automatically copied to your broker account, with your desired trading amounts and risk management parameters.
  • Trading manually on MetaTrader 4/5 with our Manual Connector and have your trades placed automatically on your broker account

These signals combined with the fully adjustable configurations that our platform provides, will allow you to take your trading to levels you have never experienced before.

MT2Trading Platform

As you can see, MT2Trading’s friendly user interface was designed and thought so that you can completely customize and configure your trading robot or subscribe and communicate with signal providers without having to leave the platform.

  1. Trades chart (MetaTrader indicators, signal providers, manual plug-in).
  2. Daily profit & traded volume.
  3. CopyTrading Service (public signal providers list, historical trading statistics, historical trading graphs, chat messenger, signal subscriber/provider panel).
  4. Economic news and events filter.
  5. Live financial market graphs.
  6. Custom configurations.
  7. Personal trading historical statistics.
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Are you ready to start your automated trading experience?

In order to kick-start your experience with MT2Trading you will first have to download the platform to your PC.
If you haven’t downloaded it, you can download it right now by clicking here
Once you have downloaded it, you can start right away by clicking here