Mobile app

Follow your account with our mobile app

Connect your MT2 platform with your smart-phone & get instant access to your trading account!

With our app, you’ll be able to

  • Monitor your trading performance & historical statistics
  • Start/pause your MT2 platform remotely

Monitor your account in three simple steps

1. Download MT2 App to your mobile device

In order to start monitoring your MT2 platform from your mobile device, you will need to download the MT2 app.

Our app is available for Android and IOS mobile devices.

To download MT2 app for Android devices, click here
To download MT2 app for IOS devices, click here

2. Scan your QR code on MT2 platform

Once you have installed the MT2App on your mobile device, it is time to log-in to your MT2 account. You can do this by simply scanning the QR code on your MT2 Platform.
To view your QR code, click on the Monitor icon on your MT2Trading Platform menu

Once located, just scan the code with your MT2app, and wait a couple of seconds for the system to process your request.

3. Monitor, start/pause your mt2 account!

Once you’ve successfully logged-in, you will be able to follow your MT2 account on real time. Both account balance and current profit / loss will be displayed on your MT2App, as well as a list of your account latest trades.
Each trade can be clicked individually, where all the relevant information will be displayed. You’ll also be able to Pause and Start your MT2 account using the green switch button on the bottom left corner of MT2App.