Share signals to Telegram public channels from MetaTrader 4/5

What is ‘Share Telegram signals’ feature?

MT2Trading Platform allows users to send trading signals from MetaTrader 4/5 to Telegram public channels. These signals can come from either MetaTrader technical arrow indicators using the Auto Connector plugin, or from manual trading using the Manual Connector plugin. In case you are not familiar with these plugins yet, we recommend you to read the correspondent documentations before proceeding.

Signal provider account

The first step in order to send signals to a Telegram public channel is to head over to the ‘CopyTrading’ section on MT2Trading Platform and clicking on the ‘Provide signals’.

Afterwards, log-in to your signal provider account by clicking on the ‘Sign in..’ button to the right hand side of the platform. In case you do not have an account yet, you can create one in a few minutes by filling in the sign-up form and following the instructions. You can find more information regarding signing up as a signal provider in our ‘How to become a signal provider’ documentation.

Setting up the ‘Share Telegram signals’ feature

Once you are logged in to your signal provider account click on the blue Telegram icon above your signal provider account name and information:

A window will pop-up with the following step by step instructions, which you will need to follow:


1. Create a Telegram public channel. If you already have one, you can skip this step. If you do not, you will need to create one. To do so, head over to your Telegram application, open the menu on the right-left corner and click on ‘Create channel’.


You will need now to give your channel a name, and optionally a description and profile image, and click on ‘CREATE’. Here you must choose Public channel, or the bot will not work. Finally, decide which will be your channel’s link and create on ‘SAVE’, and on ‘SKIP’ afterwards.


2. Create a Telegram bot via BotFather by clicking on the link  and ‘Open Telegram Desktop’. Next, enter the /start command, wait for BotFather’s reply and then enter the /newbot command. Afterwards, choose a name and username for your bot and copy your bot’s API Token (you will later paste the API token in MT2Trading Platform)

Now open a new conversation with your bot by clicking on it’s link (in this case and enter the /start command

3. Add your new bot to your Telegram channel as an administrator with full permissions. Once you do this, head over to MT2Trading platform, paste your bot’s API token and click on ‘Listen’.


4. Type any message on your public channel and wait for it to appear on the ‘Channel’s list’ box. 

Sharing signals on a Telegram public channel

If you followed all the instructions correctly, you are now ready to start sending signals to your Telegram public channel. In order for this feature to work, your channel status should be ‘Active’ and the ‘Enabled’ box must be checked as well. If the status box is on ‘Paused’ or the ‘Enabled’ box is not checked, signals will not be shared to your Telegram channel.

While active, all the trades that are placed on your MT2Trading Platform will be automatically sent to your public channel with the following format:
For example: “MT2 EURUSD 5m ↑ 🟢”